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"People say that I get **** done, but it's about empowering people to take the reins."

20:MinuteCity is a podcast series created by Future Forum in collaboration with Das Studio and CityMag. Hosted by Das Studio Managing Director, Dino Vrynios, the two seasons are formulated around a group of visionary young business people, based in Adelaide who are shaping the future of our state and beyond.

The two-episode instalment of Season 1 was released at the end of 2020, amidst the pandemic and explored life in the new normal and how our individual behaviour had to shift and reshape accordingly.


Season 2, continues the conversations with eight new guests, the people who help shape the city's culture and big ideas - looking at the struggles and stress, the triumphs and success and how the state and it’s people have shown resilience and have begun to heal after a challenging few years. Mental health, well-being and perseverance forms a common thread between the guests and their stories.


One city, eight movers and shakers, a little longer than 20 minutes and lots of interesting stories - hear from the inspiring guests at the intersection between their sense of wellbeing and the city we live in.

Season Two - now live on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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